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Adventure Change Management

Practical tips for all those who want to make a difference


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ISBN: 978-3-96251-054-1
Format: Hardcover


Adventure Change Management is an inspiring book to browse through for day-to-day management. 85 stories, models and experiences from day-to-day leadership show managers and their employees what really matters when it comes to effectively managing change and agile transformation.

More than 250 practical tips will help your change project succeed. Some 100 cartoons will make you smile. The mix is innovative and funny: Sound, theoretically established models, the essence of practical experience from successful and failed change projects – garnished with out-of-the-box-thinking and humorously translated into cartoons by Michael Unterleitner.
The handbook is sure to provide change managers with suitable information to prepare them for their next change project. It’s worth opening the ‘treasure trove’ of change management when processes come to a halt or when resistance leads to serious crises. This new edition adds current developments such as agility, digital transformation and innovation culture to the definitive work on change management and updates it with many new tips.

“Adventure Change Management” offers help for all those who are dealing with change. Whether it is organizational change in a small department or a comprehensive transformation process, knowledge of the basic rules of change management helps to avoid failures.“


„Statt grauer Theorie gibt es hier jede Menge praxisnaher Tipps – garniert mit einer guten Prise Humor. Schöne Mischung!“ – Management-Journal


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Manfred Höfler, Hubert Dolleschall, Dietmar Bodingbauer, Franz Schwarenthorer: Die Autoren sind Berater der ICG Integrated Consulting Group und haben ihre insgesamt fast 100 Jahre Beratungserfahrung aus über 100 Change Prozessen ausgewertet. Ihr Erfahrungsschatz  umfasst die Arbeit in internationalen Konzernen, öffentlichen Organisationen sowie Familienunternehmen.
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